A Guide on how to NOT write a Mary Sue

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So you wanna start writing but you’re scared of writing a mary sue? We’ve all felt that. I always feel that when I right since I write OC’s

First off learn the defenition of an OC and a Mary Sue.

OC - An acronym meaning Original Character. An original character is any character that is not in the series and is created by the author.

Mary Sue - Any original female character which is too perfect, too extreme, or otherwise badly done.

The difference is that an OC is well written. Good back ground. Not overly described. And serves a purpose. 

A Mary Sue is usually what the Fanfiction authors wishes they were.

Okay so now you know the difference between an Original Character and A Mary Sue. Here’s how to not write one.

↳ First off Know your stuff.

Know the TV show, Book or Movie you’re writing about. I mean like do some hardcore research. Watch important part of the TV Series Re read the important part of the book. Watch the movie about three times. Okay. 

That may seem crazy but it helps. It helps trying to keep the canon characters in character and trying to fit your oc and how they can serve a purpose other then to fall in love with a canon character okay?

If you’ve only seen the movie once, read the book once or even just skim over it or only seen two or three tv shows in the entire series. Don’t write a fanfiction about it.

If the show/movie/book you want to write about is in a different time period (60’s 70’s etc) Please research that time period.  I’m not saying write a five page essay on it but please look up the fashion, the slang and the music popular tv shows etc. 

↳ Second Know the different types of Mary Sue’s

I didn’t really know this either but now I do. There are so many different types of mary sues. So I will give them to you.

1. Angsty Sue -The Angsty Sue is a well-documented species, found in all fandoms. She subsists on the misunderstanding of all around her, and thrives on abuse. Her constant guilty dwelling on her trivial misdeeds, which in humans is considered unhealthy, is merely a survival mechanism in the Angsty Sue, for the one thing that can kill her is an attack of emotional balance.

2.Somebody’s Sister Sue-The Somebody’s Sister Sue is a parasitic species, who latches onto a canon character and declares it to be her brother or sister. At the same time she infects the “sibling” with her venom so that he or she suffers partial memory loss and often becomes OOC.

3. Gothy Sue -Nobody understands Gothy Sue. She will tell you so at every opportunity. While she resembles the common Angsty Sue in some respects, the Gothy Sue is much more aggressive, and more likely to dress all in black.

4.Saintly Sue -A Saintly Sue can do no wrong; not only is she talented, brilliant, and beautiful, but her compassion and friendly, open nature win all hearts. Extended observation of this species has an effect similar to eating an entire can of cake frosting.

These are not all of the types of Mary Sues. Yes there are more, but these are the  most common ones I see in Fanfiction.

Avoid making your character related to a canon character. I have seen some really good fanfictions were the OC is related to a canon character, but it’s nice to avoid it, because then there’s a chance of making a canon charcter ooc.

↳ Give your character flaws

As Hannah Montana said Nobody’s Perfect so your OC Shouldn’t be.

Give her some real flaws. Clumsy is not a flaw. It seems to be the most commonly used “flaw” in a mary sue. 

Give her Ones like impatience, obsession with looks and trouble making friends are examples of flaws within the character. They should be flaws that have real consequences, Something to help the story or at least make it more interesting. 

If you’re not sure what flaws there are websites with a list of character flaw. Heck I’ll even make a list or reblog one for you.

↳ Give different characters different reactions 

The most other common thing in a mary sue is that everyone likes her. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE.

So what I mean different characters different reactions I mean take the canon characters personality into consideration when they meet your OC and craft believable reactions and relationships. Do all of the protagonists always agree or act the same way? Of course not. They will all have different thoughts and reactions.

Make things hard for your OC 

One of the most annoying things about Mary Sues is how easily everything comes to them: fighting skills, special talents, strong relationships, etc. 

Life it hard. That’s a fact. Readers like an OC they can relate to so if  you or they can’t relate to her in any way that’s a bad sign. 

 If your character has to struggle and deal with real problems your readers will start to feel for her. If she does everything perfectly with no real adversity, they’ll start to hate her.

↳ Your Character can be the main character in your fanfiction, that’s really the whole point, but give other/canon characters time too. Your OC can even be with them, but there should be a time when the scene is not focused of your OC when no one is talking about even when no one is thinking about your OC.

↳Be very very careful when writing romance. 

Romance is where most mary sues are found. 

Mary Sues are constantly winning the love of a character the author really likes or fixing up two previously unattached characters the author thinks should be together. Romance is possible in fan-fiction, but give it time to make it more realistic.
Also if two Canon characters are already in a relationship and it plays a big part in the movie/book/tv series there is really no reason to add an oc unless it’s au.
If you need help on writing a believable romance I have touched on the subject a little but I would be willing to write a guide or reblog guides on it for you.

Go Slow. Take your time.

One of the biggest flaws of Mary Sue stories is that things happen far too quickly. Romance, friendships, drama, all that great stuff.

Think of this as real life not a story It will take a while for your new character to become really close to the canon characters or develop a good strong believable relationship with them. 

Go slowly. You can always write a sequel.

Avoid making the character have similar traits as you.

one similar trait is fine. 

If you do more then one you might as well start a diary .
everyone has a different personality and should have to freedom to choose what THEY want to do
do not. I repeat do not base their decisions on your personal opinions, beliefs etc. They are their own person even if they are just a person in a story. 
If coming across a situation or problem just think What would my OC do? Instead of what would I do?

↳ Other small details 

Naming your OC

Avoid something long like Jasmine Ashley Renee Starr Peterson. I don’t know, you get my point. 

Your oc needs only two names. A First Name and A Last name. That’s it. You can give them a middle name but most of the time it’s really not needed.

What your OC looks like

Beautiful long soft pure white hair with ocean blue streaks and gold eyes that changed colour. A perfect smile with good teeth. No acne what so ever just smooth skin. The most amazing laugh you’ve ever heard.

… Wow I’m sick from just writing that. Most people now a days use celebrities for what their OC looks like. Which is perfectly fine. I do that but that doesn’t mean you should explain your characters looks. Just don’t over explain them. 

There are plenty of guides all over the internet on how to. Google it. I’ll even link you to some if you ask or reblog some.

There are plenty of other guides on how to not write mary sues that I can give you if you ask. And if there is a question or something you want to know that I didn’t touch on here please feel free to ask. I will always answer. Okay I really hoped this helped because I worked long and hard on this and I would hate for it to be useless. - Avry

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