Overweight Characters - How to make it relatable

This isn’t really a research but I didn’t know what to put it under and this isn’t a guide on how to write overweight characters cause you write them how you write everyone else, but this how it actually happens in the real world. To help you understand it.

First off I am overweight so I know this stuff for a fact.

The reason I am making this is because I have been reading some fanfiction that has overweight oc’s and I think it’s going to be good. Something to relate to, but boy am I wrong. They just write these annoying people that make me want to hit my head against the wall.

→ So something to begin with. Being overweight is not a curse 

So my guess is this is what the writers were thinking “Oh my character needs an original flaw. I’ll make her overweight” That’s great and it can be done, but being overweight isn’t a flaw at all. (You want a real “flaw” or something that requires special attention maybe even medical attention, make the diabetic) Sure it does make things difficult (not really) but overweight people are people. We’re not some different species from mars. There is nothing wrong with being over weight. I just think we need to stop looking at being a little bit bigger as a flaw and see it as a character trait, because it is a character trait. Do you think me and other overweight people asked to be overweight. Hell no. I have tried everything to be skinny. Diets and other things just don’t work for me.I would do anything to be stick skinny. It’s not because I eat worse then you do or I’m lazy. I am lazy, but I eat a lot of healthy things hoping for results. My body, everyone’s body is different. It’s a body trait. There’s that word again. It’s a trait not a flaw.

→ Do not look for sympathy

One thing I see time after time is these overweight characters milk the fact they are overweight. They beg for sympathy when in reality we don’t do that. Well I don’t and other overweight people I know don’t. We just go on with life. We’re not constantly bitching and whining about the fact that we are not normal weight for our age. We really like to keep it to ourselves. If someone doesn’t tell you straight up you really don’t know if they are overweight.

→ We’re not friendless losers 

Once again the sympathy card is played here. They want you to feel sorry for them so they make the overweight person have no friends and everyone makes fun of them. I really don’t know where these people go to school because that is not true. I have friends, no one makes fun of me. Not gonna lie. I’m not saying I’m the most popular person in school but I’m sure as hell not a friendless loser. Is this how you guys really see society? It’s really sad. I hardly know anyone that makes fun over overweight kids. Sure you get that one asshole that pokes fun like once but who cares. They’ll be working at McDonalds or bagging food at Walmart for the rest of their lives since they think they’re so cool. 

→ Looks

You don’t have to look overweight to be overweight. I don’t know when people imagine overweight people they think of those people on tv that are like 300 pounds or something. That is not true. Looks have nothing to do with being overweight. In fact if you saw me you would not think I was over weight. Yeah maybe a little chubby, but overweight? No. 

→ Clothes 

Overweight doesn’t mean you dress like an old grandma with stuff you get from the thrift shop. Overweight girls still know how to look cute. That’s all I’m saying. Amen.

I’m finished with my little rant/guide thing that is all this may or may not have helped in anyway but it felt good to write. I might add to this later in life. I don’t know. 

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